Other Policies

Other Policies

Other Policies


Rockstays does not charge any commission or fee for listing or successful reservations. However, payment gateway charges applied by the payment gateway providing bank will apply before release of your payments. These charges are very similar to the deduction that your establishment faces due to method of payment selected by guests. The current rate of deduction will vary between 0.75% to 3% + Applicable Taxes depending on payment method chosen by guests. To clarify, the maximum impact for you will be 3% + Applicable Taxes for payment made by American Express.

Rockstays reiterates that these will be no commission or fee applicable to your transaction and hence there is no cost to the seller.  


During booking, 100% of the booking amount will need to be paid. Travellers will need to pay the booking amounts to 'Rockstays Banking' which is a nodal account for payment collection facilitation. Such payments will be made immediately irrespective of the travel date. Such payments will be kept by Rockstays Banking and credited to Host’s account after completion of the stay period.

The billing will be processed by Rockstays Payments and the same shall be reflected in your banking statements.


Guest Cancellation

In case a Guest wants to cancel the booking, he will be penalised based on the Cancellation Policy relevant to a booking. Such policy will be mentioned in the property details. Service Fee charged by Rockstays will not be refunded under any circumstances.

You can request for cancellation using the Rockstays Portal. The calculation of cancellation period will be based on the date logged in the system during cancellation process. The refund amount shall be processed and credited to your account within 10 working days. Refunds for part cancellation of stay period will also be calculated based on the above table.

Rocktays reserves the right to change the terms of this cancellation policy without notifying Members. Information on any such changed policy will be available through the Portal.

Host Cancellation Policy

It is the responsibility of the Host to find a suitable alternate accommodation for a Traveller. The Host will be paid the original booking amount only less Rockstays Service Charge and bank transaction charges.


Rockstays is an online marketplace which connects Guests with Hosts and where Hosts are free to decide the Check-in timings and checkout timings. In case a Guest arrives at a destination early, he may be allowed to check-in early by the Host. Guests and Hosts are forbidden to enter into any commercial transaction as a consequence of an early-check-in without the express permission of Rockstays. Any associated Service Fees and other charges including taxes as a consequence of the proposed commercial transaction will need to be borne by the Guest and Host as applicable.


Guests may be allowed to check-out late by Hosts subject to availability without entering into a commercial transaction without the permission of Rockstays. Any fees negotiated between Hosts and Guests as a consequence of a late checkout will incur additional fees including Rockstays Service Fees, taxes and other associated levies. Hosts understand and agree that any such agreement to allow a Guest to checkout late will not inconvenience new Guests who have booked the accommodation.


In case a Traveller wishes to modify an existing booking, the existing booking will need to be cancelled and a new booking will have to be made. The refund due will be as per the Cancellation Polity mentioned previously. Rockstays Fees will not be refunded on cancellation and the new booking will be treated as a separate booking divorced from the previous booking while computing new fees and taxes without allowing for or provisioning for any setoffs.