About Us

About us

About Us

Rockstays is a travel and experience booking platform which has been conceptualized by avid travellers and hospitality professionals. Rockstays has created a level playing field for all stakeholders in the business through an innovative business model and easy to use technology. It is an online ecosystem where travellers can find accommodations and travel experiences online, directly communicate with hosts and book a Rocking Stay at competitive prices. It is the first online platform where users can upload any kind of accommodation, allied services and travel experiences across the world for free and sell without paying any commission.

The Story

Rockstays was conceptualized and co-founded by avid traveller Dhruva Acharya and hospitality industry veteran Randhir Narayan. It all started in 2015 when initial discussions were about creating a level playing field for all accommodation providers, big or small. This was followed by a year of research on the practices followed in the travel and tourism industry. The research concluded that the industry works on a model where homestay networks and online travel agents charge large amounts from hosts as commission for using their portals. Rockstays has created a method to break the status quo of the prevailing trends and changed it to a zero commission model. Rockstays.com is not a conventional travel website. It is open, honest and fair to all its stakeholders - travellers and hosts alike. It helps bring power back to the hosts unlike online travel agents who dictate terms and conditions. Rockstays.com is not a middleman, in fact it has done away with the concept of a middle man in travel. It is an online ecosystem and software, where hosts to are free to price their accommodation, allied services and travel experiences in any way they want. Hosts can use Rockstays as a management tool and front office operation software. Rockstays is the first platform of its kind where hosts can upload any kind of accommodation, from five star presidential suites to basic tents free of charge and commissions. Hosts can also upload local tours and experiences which can be packaged with the accommodation.

The Perks

For Travellers:

Rockstays provides a number of benefits for both travellers and hosts. For travellers, Rockstays has a three-fold benefit: variety, connection and interaction. Travellers are given a choice to browse through any type of accommodation: holiday home rentals, homestays, hostels, hotels, guest houses, camps, villas, boat houses, lodges and serviced apartments to name a few. Travellers can also book local experiences and packages which are curated by pre-approved, world renowned destination management companies across the world.

To narrow down options, travellers can also use tags such as: adventure, spiritual, health & wellness, romantic, beach, hills, weekend getaway, family, culture, nightlife, food & drink, chill-out and history. Travellers get some of the most competitive prices on Rockstays as the burden of commissions for hosts is removed. Due to this, travellers get exactly what they pay for.

If a traveller has a specific plan in mind or is looking for travel advice, Rockstays provides users with a direct messaging service. Through this travellers can chat with hosts directly and give details of their travel plans. Hosts have the tools to modify travel itineraries and prices as per the traveller’s requirement online. These customized plans can both be viewed and booked directly online.

For Hosts:

Rockstays provides three major benefits to hosts: zero commission and fees, flexibility and advance secure payments. Rockstays is the first travel platform of its kind which does not take any listing fees or commission from the host. At Rockstays, if you are the asset owner, you are not liable to pay anything for renting out your asset. We do not dictate terms: hosts are free to price their room & packages and make changes without any interference. Rockstays never discounts any assets so that hosts can freely upload premium rooms and services without the fear of losing brand equity.

The system also provides flexibility. Hosts can use an online calendar to make changes to price and availability in real time. These changes do not require any prior approval. It also lets hosts create tours and travel experiences as packages online. Hosts can use Rockstays as a management software to streamline their bookings, business calendar and pricing.

All bookings, whether they are rooms, experiences or customized packages- are paid for in advance and through our secured online banking payment gateway. Payments are released to hosts before the guest checks-in. This removes all uncertainty from the mind of the host. The online gateway accepts all major domestic and international cards.

Technology Leader

Rockstays.com is a technology leader in the travel industry due to its easy accessibility and responsiveness. Our server is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we are available on both Android and iOS. The website is fully responsive and can be accessed from mobile phone without downloading the application too.

Our hosts can actively manage booking charts using Rockstays’ live calendar. All data is stored and secured on cloud with confirmations and invoices generated online, making everything paperless. Rockstays also makes getting to the accommodation easy with integrated Google Maps. In the case of local experiences and tours the entire itinerary is available on the go. This makes it accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Rockstays.com is an ecosystem where hosts sell directly to travellers. Travellers can negotiate prices, customize packages, check-in online in advance so that hosts are prepared for special services if requested, find locations without opening Google Maps and see invoices without opening their emails. Hosts have the option of adding any allied services online such as transfers, extra beds, spa offers etc. which can be selected by guests at the time of booking. Rockstays provides a secure banking payment gateway that accepts payments in major currencies, for all major international and domestic cards.

We assure hassle free and convenient communication between guests and hosts. Users can use our direct messaging service on the go. Furthermore, hosts do not receive the contact details of guests- which keeps their number secure and prevents guests from getting spammed with unwanted calls and emails.

Travel the Way You Want

"To travel is to live"- Hans Christian Andersen

The famous author couldn’t have made it simpler- To travel is to live. Rockstays strives to make your travel dreams and story come to life, and we make sure that you live your travel with complete freedom.

Rockstays lets travellers and hosts experience freedom they have not had before. Hosts have the freedom to price their assets without the burden of commissions. As Rockstays never discounts properties, hosts have the freedom to offer their most premier offerings without the fear of losing brand equity. They are free to promote their brand online. They have the freedom to update their schedule on the go and according to their convenience. Prices can be changed without prior approval. Rockstays is the first platform of its kind that lets hosts curate packages & local experiences and offer them to travellers directly online.

All this enables travellers to travel the way they want. At Rockstays, travellers get exactly what they pay for. There are no hidden costs. Every transaction is honest and transparent. Travellers have the choice to add services to their bookings. This is at the time of booking with prices for each service clearly mentioned. Travellers have the freedom of making secure payments in advance for all these services along with the booking. All invoices are online and on the cloud, travellers have proof for all they have paid for at their fingertips. Finding a location has never been simpler, travellers have the ability to navigate without ever opening the Google Maps app separately and typing in locations. Travellers have the freedom to connect with their hosts directly and discuss their travel plans. They have the freedom of getting packages according to their exact needs. Like never before, travellers can negotiate prices with the hosts and hosts have the access to change their prices with a simple click of a button.

Packages and Experiences

Rockstays.com provides a unique opportunity for hosts to showcase custom travel packages and travel experiences across the globe. Experience hosts fall under two categories: insightful locals who want to share hidden gems and the road less travelled in their locality and leading destination management companies- for those who are looking to explore a destination more traditionally.

Our local hosts have usually spent their entire life in their particular community and are experts in the experience they provide. These experiences can be short, in which guests get a peek into the life of the hosts for a few hours or longer experiences that last the course of a few days. These include local neighbourhood walking tours, local shopping experiences, cultural excursions, adventure expeditions, food and nightlife tours etc. Travellers get a taste of how locals live their life and indulge in activities as locals, with locals. Travellers can select experiences based on their travel mood- from fast paced adventure to relaxing romantic excursions, and everything in between.

Rockstays also gives leading destination management companies a platform to curate fully fledged travel packages for its guests. These companies are seasoned vendors and industry leaders in their particular destination. They are carefully selected by Rockstays.com and insures that travellers only get the best services and packages from these hosts. Travellers can let go of the stress of planning day to day activities during their vacations and let their hosts give them a Rocking holiday they will never forget.

Like everything on Rockstays, packages too can be customized by guests as per their requirements. Guests are directly in touch with hosts and can customize number of days, timings, inclusions, number of people, choice of activities, choice of transport, pricing etc. Hosts use the Rockstays.com travel management system to make these changes easily in real time, online. Rockstays has eliminated the need for constant back and forth email exchange or calls between travel agents, hosts and travellers. There is no hassle with payments, as even customized packages can be paid for using Rockstays’ payment gateway. All records and invoices are stored on the cloud and available in moment’s notice on app or online.