Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document is a summary of the following policies - Terms and Conditions and Content Policy. These policies are also available on the Portal.


Only registered Members will be able to book or list accommodations through the Portal. During the booking process, the following identifiable information will be collected from the Members:-

  1. From Travellers: Name, address, contact details (email address, mailing address, phone number), id proof, preferred payment method and associated details
  2. Host details: Name, address, contact details (email address, mailing address, phone number), id proof, preferred method of receiving payment and associated details
  3. Accommodation details: location of the accommodation, valid physical address, description of the accommodation, periods of availability, price, amenities, safety features, rules, and financial terms
  4. Information collected from mobile phones: While registering on Rockstays through mobile phones, the app will require permission to access your camera, microphone, account details, contacts or phone data. This information will be used only to improve user experience. For example, camera access will be used to add profile picture, microphone access will be used in case the company introduces in app calling in the future.


Members agree that by posting or entering or feeding content on the Portal, they grant Rockstays the right to use such content without any limitations and without paying any fees including royalty fees to Members. Rockstays does not claim any ownership of such content and Members are free to do as they wish with the content uploaded by them on the Portal.

Rockstays may:-

  1. use such content to promote or market the Portal through whatever means either directly or through third parties
  2. Sell, distribute, transfer or licence such content to third parties

Members understand and agree:-

  1. They they are solely responsible for the content they upload and post on the Portal and Rockstays may not check such content for accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, whether Members have the legal right to use and post such content or suitability of such content
  2. Rockstays does not have any ownership and associated liability related to such content and Members are solely responsible for content uploaded and posted by them on the Portal
  3. On suspension or cancellation of Member account either by the Members themselves or by Rockstays, we have no obligation to return Member Content to You and will continue to enjoy such content on terms mentioned herein


Members understand that they are responsible for data which they upload on the portal. Rockstays is meant to be a marketplace which connects Travellers with Hosts. Such uploaded data is accessible to all Members who have registered with the Portal. Members can choose to edit their data through the Portal in case they want to delete some amount of information shared. Members are also free to cancel their account.

Members understand that Rockstays may preserve and disclose any of your information if we are required to do so by law or when Rockstays deems it necessary in its own discretion in order to:-

  1. Respond to legal processes
  2. Administer any of or all our Agreements with Members
  3. Prevent fraud, risk assessment, product development, product debugging, investigations, customer support    

You acknowledge that Rocktstays has no obligation to monitor Your use of the Portal or to review and edit any Member Content, but has the right to do so in order to improve the site Portal. Rockstays reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any Full Content, at its sole discretion.

Notification of Copyright Infringement:

Rockstays respects the Intellectual Property rights of others and expects its Users to do the same. Rockstays reserves the rights to disable and inactivate accounts of those Users and Members who are found to be violating copyrights or intellectual property rights of others.

If You are a copyright owner or are an authorised representative of someone who owns copyrights and wish to report cases of infringement through the Rockstays Portal, please reach out to us at

We will respond as soon as possible to such complaints on a best effort basis.

Information Security Practices

Our Portal is hosted on Amazon Web Server and our payment gateway is with HDFC Bank. Member credit card information will be stored on Amazon Servers with state of the art encryption and data security measures. All bank and card related information will be stored on the Cloud without any copies at our physical location.

In order to learn more about the data security measures and data security standards of Amazon Web Server please visit -

Notification of Suspicious activity

In case you observe any suspicious activity on your card, please reach out to us at

We will respond as soon as possible to such complaints on a best effort basis.

FAQs on how to securely shop online

Some safety and security tips to aide Members shopping online:-

  1. Keep your machine, mobile phone and other internet connected devices free from viruses, malwares and other malicious software. Some measures that can be taken are – use the most current version of software and applications and install a good antivirus on your internet connected systems
  2. Use strong passwords with a mix of special characters and capitalised letters
  3. Use multi-step authentication process for account verification wherever available
  4. Observe extra caution while using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places. Limit your access to bank accounts and sites that require you to logon with id and password
  5. Hackers often use enticing emails, text messages and posts to dupe people. In case you are in doubt or are suspicious of such communications, then it is advisable to ignore these
  6. Be wary of information that you share on ecommerce portals. In case you think that a question is unnecessary or you feel that important personal or commercial information is being asked which is not required and which can cause harm, then don’t provide such information. Use good judgement and common sense online
  7. Understand the Terms and Conditions of the ecommerce site from where you are purchasing products or services. Understand the cancellation and refund policy to know your options in case a purchase goes bad.

Product and Service Description

The Rockstays Portal is meant to act and operate as a marketplace to connect Travellers who are looking to book a room with Hosts who have listed their space on Rockstays Portal for booking. Rockstays will purely facilitate the transaction and not become a party to any agreements between the Traveller and Host. To be clear, Rockstays responsibilities are limited to (i) making available the Site, Application and Services offered on the Portal and (ii) in a limited capacity act as a payment collection agent of Hosts to collect payments from Travellers on behalf of Hosts.  


  1. Will not be a Party to any Agreement between Travellers and Hosts
  2. Is not responsible for any content created and posted by Hosts and Traveller
  3. Does not own any properties listed on the Portal
  4. Is not a sales agent or broker for any properties listed on the Portal
  5. Is not an insurance provider or insurance agent

Registration process

This document is a summary from relevant portion of the Terms and Conditions document.

Though unregistered users can look through a list of accommodations, only registered Members will be able to make a booking or list their accommodation on the Portal.

Information collected during registration

Members will be asked to create a Rockstays id with the following details – name, address, phone number, email id and password.

Subsequent to registration, Members will have 2 methods of logging in to the Portal – through their Rockstays id and password and through third-party social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and google.

Checks for ensuring authenticity

During the registration process, the Portal will use tools to prevent suspicious or fraudulent registrations. Such checks will include measures such as matching geo-location with the address entered and other methods.

In case suspicious activity is identified by our systems, Rockstays reserves to deny registration to You without providing any explanation. In case repeated suspicious activity while registering is identified for a mobile number or an email address or while logging through a third-party social networking site, Rockstays reserves the right to register or login through such mobile number, email address, Rockstays login and third-party social networking sites.

Uploading id proof

Rockstays Portal provides the functionality of uploading an id proof to the Portal which can be sent to a Host before a Traveller checks-in into a booked accommodation. All Members will be required to upload a standard photo id proof. Such id should be valid and relevant on the dates when a Traveller is booked into an accommodation.

Fraudulent booking

Rockstays is meant to operate as a marketplace where Travellers and Hosts can meet and enter into a commercial agreement. Rockstays will not be a Party to any agreement between Travellers and Guests. In case it is discovered that a Traveller has booked an accommodation through fraudulent means, including but not limited to credit card fraud, stolen bank details, then Rockstays reserves the right to cancel such a booking and return the booking amount. Rockstays reserves the right to decide whether or not to refund the Rockstays Fees. Payment gateway charges may not be refunded in such a situation.